Best trading mobile apps

To operate in the financial markets you don’t necessarily need a computer, a fixed location. Today, you can trade with the best trading mobile apps offered by the best brokers in the industry. Of course, a large monitor is always more comfortable on the eyes, however, as you well know, both smartphones and tablets now have great screens for any activity.

How to trade on your phone or tablet

If you can install software or access a platform from a browser on a computer, the same thing applies for portable devices. The most recognized brokers have created apps for online trading, which effectively replace the role of software.

Trading apps also allow you to avoid accessing the platform via a browser, for two reasons. Firstly, because accessing mobile browser platforms is not convenient due to the small details on mobile browsers; secondly, because an app is designed specifically to enable all operations and usability to be much more practical and comfortable.

So, when a good broker offers the option of trading via an app, you can rest assured that it is the best option, allowing you to trade and follow graphs of your investments with ease and simplicity.

List of the best trading mobile apps

Here are the best online trading apps that can be used in the entire World, which we have selected and tested. To download an app, click on the desired platform.

Visiting the various app stores, some trading platforms stand out more than others. The first to appear is usually Plus500, which is also the most reviewed. Others follow, and deserve more attention. Don’t rely simply on the position occupied by the app in the app store, instead try it out yourself, more so when the trial is free and without any obligation.

24option, simple to use trading mobile app

A popular broker, initially specialized solely in binary options but which has subsequently launched into CFDs, is 24option. At present 24option offers the possibility of trading on Forex/CFDs.

Most likely, you’ve already heard of it. This broker has been in the sector for several years and is very active in advertising and sponsorships. The 24option app may not be able to compare very well with the browser platform, but it should be evaluated personally.

The only major flaw is the lack of a demo version without a deposit request. In order to use the demo, in fact, you must first make the minimum deposit. At the moment this is the situation but it could change.

Plus500, the CFD trading app

Of course, you should start with the Plus500 app as it is one of the most used CFD trading platforms in the world, in addition to being the most appreciated and reviewed in the various app stores.

To find it, just click here or type “Plus500” or “trading online” in the app store search bar. To install it on your device, click on install.

Once installation is complete, click on “Open”.

By clicking on “open” the app is launched and displays the available account types.

To practice with a free demo, click on “demo mode”. At this point you can register a new account or log in, depending on whether you have already registered or not.

After registration, a message appears telling you to read the welcome message. By clicking OK, you are transferred to an official internet page with the welcome message.

We recommend you read it.

At this point, to launch the platform, simply exit the message page and open the app on your mobile device (by clicking on the icon created with the installation).

Once the platform has been launched, Plus500 warns us that a sum of virtual money has been added to our account. With this sum you can practice without risks, under the same conditions as the real account however.

Once the message is cleared, all that’s left is to admire the beauty of the platform with which one can operate in a practical and fast way, without too many frills.

Needless to say, but with the app everything is touchscreen, so you can just click on the buttons to open positions, choose tools, view desired graphics, etc. The Plus500 trading app contains all the features available on the computer version.

IQ Option, option trading and CFD mobile app

Let’s move on to another of the best apps for trading in currently available. The IQ Option app, a broker specializing in binary options, classic options, and now also CFD, is very well made and a top of the industry for graphics and functionality.

One advantage of the IQ Option app is that you can try it even in demo mode, without depositing any funds. A disadvantage, however, is that Apple devices requires iOS 9.0 or later, so if you have an “older” smarpthone (for example an iPhone 4), you will not be able to install it. This is not surprising, since it is a new platform, as well as innovative, which uses powerful graphic software in real time that requires a more sophisticated operating system than versions prior to version 9. For other devices, the requirements for compatibility are more elastic.

Let’s see below, how to get and install the IQ Option trading app.

The first thing to do is to search for IQ Option among apps (App Store or Google Play). Once found, click the install button.

The second thing you’ll need to do is sign up. An email address and a password of your choice is all you’ll need.

At this point, you can start the IQ Option app and trade in demo or real mode.

Other apps for CFD and Forex trading

In addition to Plus500, there are other apps that allow you to trade CFDs on your mobile device.

For example, a very famous broker offering a trading app is

It’s a platform with more than 1 million subscribers worldwide that allows you to negotiate on all types of markets. Compared to Plus500, however, it has fewer stocks. A free demo is available to practice without any risks.

Another broker that offers a trading app is eToro, which specializes in social trading.

This is the most recognized social trading platform, or the union between trading activity and social network activity. In fact, eToro users can communicate with each other and create forums. Furthermore, there is the option of copying the operations of other traders automatically.

What to evaluate in online trading apps

Today we have to be very demanding. There is so much competition and technology has made great strides, so if a broker is very popular and renowned, it cannot afford not to offer an app that isn’t up-to-date, fast and functional, or practical and easy to navigate. We all have a mobile device and those who trade, investing their money, must be able to keep their funds under control, without a hitch.

Therefore, the first thing to consider in trading apps is stability. Mind you, stability may depend on various factors, including compatibility. Make sure the app is compatible with the operating system on your device, which you can test by starting with reading the information included in the details of the app.

After searching for a trading app in the store, click on its icon and read the information on the page where the “get”, “install” or “open” button appears (if you have it already installed).

In addition to the information published by the developers, take a look at the reviews, taking note of any problems encountered with certain devices. In case you try a trading app, don’t forget to add a sincere review on your experience, highlighting both the positive and negative aspects. First of all, share information about proper operation and then move on to performance and finally to minutiae.