The best Online Trading Platforms, safe and regulated [June 2019]

To trade on the Stock Exchange, you’ll first need to get access o an online trading platform, the ones recommend in the table above are in our opinion the best and are all regulated in Europe. These platforms enable you to choose from hundreds of assets (e.g. Shares, Commodities, Indices, Bitcoin) listed on all stock exchanges in the world.

By accessing these online platforms you can trade on hundreds of shares listed on every primary Stock Exchange in the World. You can also invest in indices such as the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and Standard and Poor’s, in addition to the German DAX, the English FTSE, the French CAC, Italian FTSE MIB and others. If your passion is in stock markets, trading platforms on the Exchange are your playground and could earn you some money.

A fundamental step for every trader is to get the best possible reliable trading platform as this is definitely the most important tool for successful online trading. Below is a list of the best online trading platforms updated to 2018 (professional and secure platforms).

Our selected Forex and CFD Trading Platforms

The staff at is very careful when selecting online trading platforms for the different Exchanges, as there are numerous available and we want to offer the reader an easy and risk-free choice. First of all, it must be said that we have selected the best Forex and CFD brokers taking into account various factors such as popularity, regulatory body overseeing the brokerage company, nationality, administrative headquarters, security guarantees, promotional offers, and available assets. All this in order to present satisfactory products and those that are, for the most part, simple to use.

Here is the list of trading platforms selected by us:

  • Markets: an online trading giant, this company has been offering a highly qualitative and diversified offering for years. Among the platforms provided by this broker is MetaTrader5, a subsequent version of the famous (and also available) MetaTrader4, a true icon of online trading worldwide.
  • Plus500: among the most popular broker companies in the world, it is regulated by the FSA and is even listed on the London Stock Exchange. It presents an original, simple, and intuitive platform suitable for beginners but also offers advanced graphic features for more experienced traders.
  • IQOption: a new name in he game, but one that is already being talked about for two very interesting features. The first is that the regulatory body overseeing this broker is Cysec, a name that can be relied on. The second is that it currently offers the lowest minimum deposit amount on the market. In fact, to start trading with IQOption, only €10 is necessary.
  • 24Option: currently the most popular name for online trading. 24option offers complete services for traders with instructional videos and the option of practising with a demo account. Trading takes place via browser and with different modalities (up/down, 60 seconds, interval etc.)

Also see our page on online demo trading platforms and our page dedicated to cryptocurrency trading platforms. If you prefer trading on a mobile device or smartphone you can visit the page dedicated to the best trading apps.

Demo trading platforms

On the page dedicated to demo trading platforms we focused our attention on those trading platforms that offer a simulation or demo account.

You’ve probably already heard of stock exchange simulation or trading simulation. It is a way of trading with virtual funds, perfect for practising without any risks. It’s a bit like playing with Monopoly money, so there’s no real risk even for those without much experience.

We at highly recommend demo platforms as they are the ideal tool to learn how to trade, and are a way to practice trading while simultaneously studying the theoretical aspects of trading.

It’s one thing to know what a CFD is or what can lower or raise the price of a share or exchange rate, and it’s another thing to see how to cope with practical situations. Go in at the right time, know how to wait for the right moment o get out, or how to set a stop loss and make a profit etc.

Best trading platforms

On the pages dedicated to the best Forex and CFD brokers we selected the best trading platforms, or rather, the best platforms available in, and which can be used in your country.

In fact, we want to point out that something “Made in Europe” is always great, but when a broker is regulated at the European level, and respectful of all stringent European Union regulations (and we can assure you these are tough), then the fact of whether it has its base in one country or another is somewhat relative.

In any case, you will always have to decide which platforms are best for you, which elements to take into account, etc. The important thing is that you choose a legal, authorized, and authoritative platform.

Best cryptocurrency trading platforms

In recent years the phenomenon of cryptocurrencies has gone global. Not only bitcoin, but other cryptocurrencies have also found their way into the mainstream and, in some situations, have also found the road to success in capitalization.

With CFD trading on cryptocurrencies you can trade on the rise and fall of their value, and hence conduct interesting business endeavors even when they lose value.

On its relevant page, we detailed the best cryptocurrency trading platforms, designed just for those who wish to trade in crypto-assets.

A licensed trading platform is better

Even for other consumers, trading platforms aimed at small investors must hold all the proper licensing and permits in order to operate, down to the last detail. We have always been careful to mention only personally tested trading platforms and those for which we have produced tutorials.

Licensing is divided into several parts including a license from a recognized regulatory body, such as CySEC (Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission).

To all this, add compliance with European MiFID and MiFID2 regulations, as well as ESMA.