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Complete Guide to MetaTrader 4

We thought of creating something that goes beyond an ordinary MetaTrader 4 manual, thus creating a free online course that allows those who want to start trading professionally to use MetaTrader4 in a gradual manner by following our instructions. We use various trading platforms, and we studied the MetaTrader4 manual a few years ago when it first came out and revolutionized the industry.

It is the most used trading platform in the world as it allows you to get the most out of the graphics and technologies applicable to trading. By trading with the 24option broker  (click here to register for free), you’ll have access to the Metatrader4 platform.

Metatrader 4 is the most popular Forex trading platform in the world

List of MetaTrader4 Guide’s Lessons

  1. Installing Metatrader4
  2. Elements of Metatrader4
  3. Trading with Metatrader4
  4. Advanced Metatrader4 features
  5. Optimizing time on Metatrader4
  6. Metatrader4 Indicators
  7. How to Set Alerts on MetaTrader
  8. How to use Trailing Stops on MetaTrader
  9. How to Apply MACD on MT5 or MT4
  10. User and installation guide on using MT4 on Mac
  11. Using MT4 or MT5 on your Android Device
  12. Metatrader on Linux

Here is the main display of the platform, which you can download by subscribing to the 24option website.

The main display of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform

The best platform for Forex trading

Metatrader4 (MT4) not only offers cutting-edge and top-of-the-line technology for the trading sector but also has very useful added services that we will talk about during the introductory part of this course, such as the ability to access multi-sourced servers where you can access strategies, articles, and news in real time.

Amongst the main advantageous features of MT4, you’ll find:

  • Tools used to analyse financial instruments using customizable interactive charts and technical indicators
  • The option of placing all types of orders that you could use to finalize your strategy
  • More than 65 technical indicators and currency analysis tools
  • Social trading: a feature that automatically copies the operations of successful traders
  • Financial news directly available on the platform. It’s a very useful function that one should not miss out on because news can affect current prices and provide trading opportunities
  • A notification system in case of favourable market conditions
  • An online shop with robot trading, additional technical indicators, magazines, and books on trading and finance
  • The option of directly downloading new graphic indicators and robots while easily applying them on the platform and making them immediately available

The MT4 Trading System

For beginners, the MetaTrader 4 trading platform may give rise to some “fears” as it appears to be very complicated. In fact, MT4 is a professional platform so it is also used by very experienced traders. There are alternatives to MT4 but understanding how it is made and how it works is not impossible. It only requires a few steps taken in the right order. And that’s the reason why we’re here.

It is a powerful platform, with which you can plan even very complex strategies and by studying it, you can progressively become an experienced trader. One piece of advice: don’t hurry. The platform should be studied in small doses, so every point we touch upon will be to “try it out” for a few days so as to gain confidence.

On your plate, you’ll have a tool that allows you to place orders instantly from charts, stop orders, and trailing stops:

  • 2 modes of execution
  • 2 types of markets
  • 4 pending orders
  • 2 stop orders
  • Trailing stop

MetaTrader4 Analysis Functions

Among the strengths of MT4 are the analysis functions. By analysis we mean the study carried out from real-time graphs and historical data, i.e. those from past trades. Real-time quotes and interactive charts with 9 periods allow you to analyse prices in detail and quickly, which is a key feature for traders. MetaTrader 4’s analysis functions are divided into 33 analytical objects and 30 technical indicators that help you form a complete study of the charts. A large library of indicators and additional functions allow you to complete your settings according to your needs and styles. Regardless of the market movement, the MT4 system has all the analysis tools to detect, recognize, and act accordingly and quickly.

Copy Trading and Trading Signals

Trading signals are tips based on the software that analyses charts in real time and sends the trader (you) a notification that “advises” you to open a trade on a particular instrument and in a certain direction click here to get free trading signals. Copy trading, on the other hand, is an innovative mechanism that allows you to copy the work of other traders while allowing you to choose from the most experienced ones. In short, you can copy the work of the best and leave it to them to get results. MetaTrader 4 offers both free and paid signals. For copy trading and copying other traders, you can easily find the registration form on their channel.

Expert advisors

The MetaTrader 4 platform is also the best environment in the industry to find an experienced advisor who can advise you step by step on how to start and take your first steps. These can act on various levels, which range from the most basic inquiries up to consulting with those who already have a lot of experience and want to implement their own strategies.

Robot trading

MetaTrader offers an automated trading system which, thanks to trading robots, can do all the work for us. Science fiction? A trading robot can control both trading and analysis and this feature is very useful for those who have little time to study daily market analysis. To do this, a trading robot uses complicated algorithms, which are continuously tested and discussed in the forums which you can access directly from the platform.

Mobile trading

For complete and professional trading, it is essential to use mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet when you are away from your computer. For this very reason, there is no shortage of mobile versions of MetaTrader 4 for both  iPhones and iPads, as well as for Android devices. Although not all the features on the computer version are available on mobile, the MetaTrader 4 mobile version has all of the most important features.

One of the most popular sites that offers the MetaTrader4 platform is 24option. We recommend that you download the content based on our guidelines on a step by step basis and by following the practical examples in our lessons (as it is the only method that we consider to be valid for learning how to trade).

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