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The Complete Guide to the IQ Option Platform

Click here to open a free account on IQ Option. Welcome to our complete guide to the IQ Option platform, the cheapest trading platform for binary options par excellence. In fact, IQ Option was the first to offer the possibility to trade with a budget of only €1 and a minimum charge of only €10. In addition, it was also the first to provide users with a demo that does not require a fee. In fact, before the arrival of IQ, there were no brokers in Italy who offered binary trading demos.  Based on our trading guide, first, we will discuss all the aspects you need to know and second, we will deepen the concepts involved with this platform. The list of lessons is as follows. Feel free to click on a title to read a specific lesson or you may continue reading this page to follow our curriculum accordingly.

Course Content

  1. How to Register and Access the IQ Option Platform
  2. Free Demo Account: What to do and How to use it
  3. What you can trade with IQ Option
  4. From theory to practice, an example of trading with high and low options
  5. Automatic trading on IQ Option
  6. A trading example on Classic Options
  7. Technical Analysis Tools
  8. Trading Tournaments and Video Lessons
  9. Summary and Self-assessment Test
  10. In-depth: Investing in Shares with IQOption
  11. In-depth: Investing in ETFs with IQOption

Why the IQ Guide Option is Important

Binary options are generally considered to be easier to use than other financial trading instruments as is this is the case. However, the fact that they are easier does not mean that you don’t need that little bit of effort to understand how they work, how and when it is best to use them and to recognize the little effort to follow the financial markets. Trading is not simply a bet with 50-50 possibilities, but to express a market forecast of a given financial instrument. The market is not random, so there are always reasons that make it rise and fall. The more you know the characteristics of a financial instrument (e.g. a particular stock, commodity or currency pair), the more chance you have of getting more profit from trading in a month or even more months after that. In practice, if you do this randomly, you can go well one day, a balance sheet on six months of activity, for example, would highlight another type of result. Since we assume that you want to trade binary options to make money and not to lose, we will tell you right away that you need a minimum of training to get results over time. All the more in-depth information you add, the more you can do on their potential for success.

Demo: A Great Advantage

As already mentioned at the beginning, IIQ Option, unlike many other option platforms around the world, is among the very few to offer a demo without depositing anything. In Italy, IQOption is the only broker in the industry that offered this possibility, well at least for the moment. Although it may seem to be a normal and wise choice to make the public try the platform out, most option brokers want to assess this parameter by trying to test those who are “serious” or those who are willing to deposit and then try the account for free. With the free demo, you can access this beautiful platform at no cost and without any obligation. No registration is required, so if you don’t like the product, you just stop using it. To personally judge it, however, we strongly recommend that you try it out first Now access  IQ Option's free demo.

Features of the IQ Option Platform

The IQ Option trading platform is ideal for any type of trader from novice to professional. This is because it has many technical graphics features while offering all the basic tools to trade in a simple way at the same time. For example, even those who are accessing the platform for the first time can easily use the trading bar located on the display, which allows you to set in a very intuitive way the expiration, amount and direction of the selected option. We will present the IQ platform in detail in a specific lesson, but in this introduction, we can anticipate some of its aspects by offering a general overview. The IQ platform has:

  • A bar to access open positions, history, market news, video lessons, customer support, tournaments, and national and international trader rankings
  • An excellent real-time chart with binary option prices on instruments that you can easily select from a box just above the same chart. You can also set up multiple real-time charts, which include up to 9 charts in the same quadrant.
  • A technical toolbar, which is located at the bottom of the display, below the real-time chart
  • As we have already shown,  a taskbar allows you to set the expiration (from 30 seconds), the amount (from 1$) and the direction of the selected option (up or down) in a very intuitive way.

News regarding Classic Options

In March 2017, IQ Option launched the classic option. In practice, in addition to binary options, IQ Option clients can now also trade classic options, which have two major differences from binary options. First, classic options are not for short-term trading, as it is for binary options. In fact, while binary options can be traded with an expiration of up to 30 seconds, classic options can take longer to trade. They are therefore ideal for those who do not particularly like to hurry. The second difference is in profits. While the profit is capped in binary options, profit increases in classic options according to the amount of price change that occurs. Therefore, if you have bought a CALL option and the price continues to rise, your profit will grow all the more as the price of the option will rise in value. At the same time, if you buy a PUT option and the price continues to fall, your profit will grow all the more as the price of the same will fall in value. The profit potential of classic options is very high, while the risk is limited (i.e. it does not foresee losses of the same amount as the possible gains) and always under control by the user.

A Safe and Well-known Broker

IQ Option has become very popular and its logo can be found in major sporting competitions like Formula 1. For those who know this sport, it is easier to understand how much you have to pay to get sponsorships. However, security is not provided by sponsors but by authorizations and licenses. Having its registered office in Cyprus, this is regulated by the CySEC, the competent authority of Cyprus, and is recognized at the Community level. IQ Option is active both in Italy and in most of Europe and also operates in many countries around the world.

Trading Tournaments for Those Who Wish to Compete

Big trading tournaments with high rewards are those organized daily by IQ Option wherein you can participate with admission fees that range from $0 (Full Throttle) to $20. The participation fees can be of $0, $1, $4, $5, $16, $20 depending on the type of tournament you wish to participate in. To consult the list of tournaments of the day along with open or concluded registrations, just click on the “Tournaments” on the left sidebar. Tournament jackpots vary depending on the number of participants and registration fees. For example, a tournament with an entry fee of only $4 with 510 participants can have a prize pool of over $9,000, divided among the top 9 classifieds. IQ Option’s tournaments certainly add salt to an already tasty product and allow you to make much higher profits than the classic trading with binary options. If you think you have more talent, it’s time to make it pay.

Market News

In order to be always up to date on the most influential news about certain financial instruments, you can use the function dedicated to the news of the markets. Clicking on “Market News”, located on the left bar of the display, you will see all the news of the day regarding financial instruments traded on the platform and from which to take cue for any upward or downward transactions. Real-time news represents a very important element because they constitute the content known as “fundamental analysis”, which is based on facts on the social, economic and political events of the market. Updating oneself on what is happening around the markets is definitely useful to understand and interpret their movements better.

Technical Analysis for Those who Wish to Trade Professionally

For those who are impractical, let us briefly point out that technical analysis is the study of financial market charts in order to be able to predict future price trends. Technical analysis is applied through the use of indicators, such as statistical and mathematical tools, which overlap with historical price charts so as to identify moments in which to take action. On IQ Option there are some important tools for technical analysis as well as the ability to set the chart display in Japanese candles mode. In Japanese candles mode, you get to take a peek at much more information than you get in the linear chart. Examples of technical indicators that are applicable and suitable for binary options are Bollinger Bands, the RSI indicator, and the moving average. Patterns are added to the indicators and are usually particular path types followed by the price that go to draw some shapes that can be interpreted like “trading signals” which signals the presence of a trend or a potential price reversal. On IQ Option, you can easily use the technical indicators and have clear charts to identify patterns and signals.

Trading Account Status both in View and Transparent Mode

As obvious it may seem, keeping in mind the economic situation of one’s own account is indeed a very good habit. This can and must be completed with all other entries that include your account, which is usually comprised of the transaction history. In addition to the issues found in the balance sheets, we will make a complete legend of all the labels on the platform in our IQ Option guide, which are displayed when you work with the platform. It ‘s always good to have all the machine “lights” and “commands” on which we are going to trade under control so that we can to know them better and to take full advantage of the possibilities and put everything under control.

A Test to Check If You Are Ready to Trade

In addition to the lessons regarding all the elements that make up the trading activity on IQ Option, we will dedicate the last article of this guide to a summary and a self-assessment test. In this way, after having offered you complete information on the platform and on its operation, we will also provide you with a useful tool to understand if you are ready to start or not. It won’t be a simple test, so don’t think we’re ready to promote and launch you into trading right ahead. Instead, we believe that the more you know about it before you trade with real money, the more profit potential you will have later. However, remember that you can follow the course using the free demo by putting into practice what you learned in the course immediately. To begin, we invite you to lesson  1: How to Access the IQ Option Platform.