The Nikkei 225 is the most important index of the Japanese Stock Exchange. This includes 225 of the most capitalized companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the list of which is updated annually. This is a Large Cap index and includes all economic sectors. It represents almost entirely the reality of the Japanese stock market, in percentage terms, ergo is very representative of the Japanese economy and its economic well-being.

To trade on the Nikkei index, you can do so through Plus500.

Among the most important shares included in the Nikkei index are: Fast Retailing, Softbank, Fanuc, KDDI, Kyocera, Astellas Pharma, Honda Moror.among the most popular are Mazda, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Sony, Nissan, Toyota, Olympus, Yamaha, Sony, Sharp, Toshiba, Asahi, Konami.

Trading on NIKKEI 225

If you wish to trade on the NIKKEI 225 online, at home or on the move, you can use one of the trading platforms presented in this article. Among the most used and appreciated are those with Consob authorization. One of the most utilized instruments for trading on this index is the CFD on Nikkei 225 futures. The security referred to when trading is the one with a quarterly maturity closest to the trading date. For example, trading on February 2 will refer to the maturity of the first quarter or March 31.

Below is a real-time chart of the NIKKEI 225 Index CFDs provided by Plus500. As you can see, clicking “full details” will take you to the description page of this product.

Once the page opens, clicking “Future-CME” you will lead to this page where you can get more information about future maturities among others. This is the official Future CME page.

Technical details about Nikkei225 futures are important in order to better understand the type of security you are trading on. It is also important to work with a trading platform that has Consob authorization and that is both responsive as well as easy to use even for the beginner.

How do I trade the Nikkei 225 Index?

You can trade online on Nikkei Index with all the platforms you find on our site, like 24option, Plus500 and IQ Option.

It is good to highlight the difference between CFDs and binary options. CFDs can be used to obtain economic results in proportion to the variation in the price of futures that occurs in the market. Otherwise, with binary options trading platforms you can make a profit by predicting the right direction (up or down) of the index price within a predetermined time frame.


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