NASDAQ is the US technology stock index, which includes Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Google, Yahoo, and Facebook stocks. Its system is completely electronic and is the first model of the electronic stock market, consisting entirely of a computer network. Its popularity reached its peak when, with the advent of the 2.0 era, the computer market was characterized by precipitous rises followed by equally rapid falls (the so-called Dot-com speculative bubble). The trend of this index is measured by various indices among which the most important is the NASDAQ 100. This includes the 100 companies with the largest capitalization, but without financial companies. However, it does include some foreign ones.

To trade on the NASDAQ index, you can actually do this through Plus500.

Among the NASDAQ-100’s most popular stocks, in addition to those already mentioned, are Amazon, Activision, Baidu, Ebay, Expedia, Garmin, Intel, Mattel, Netflix, NVIDIA, Starbucks, SanDisk, Symantec, Tesla Motors, Texas Instruments, Yahoo.

Trading on NASDAQ 100

To trade on the NASDAQ 100 online, you can use the CFD trading platforms which allow you to trade CFDs on futures with the nearest quarterly maturity. For NASDAQ futures, expiry dates are March, June, September, and December. For example, if you trade on September 14, you will trade with NASDAQ 100 futures that expire on December 31.

Below you can see a real-time chart of the CFDs on the NASDAQ 100 index provided by Plus500. As you can see, clicking “full details” will take you to the description page of this product.

When that page opens, clicking “Future-CME” will lead to this page (link missing) wherein you can get more information about futures maturities among others. This is the official page of the CME.

All these details are important in order to know the instrument on which it goes to trade, but they are not fundamental to the purposes of the trading. What matters is above all to use a good trading platform that allows you to trade independently and safely.

How do I trade on the NASDAQ 100 index?

To start trading on the American stock index, NASDAQ 100, you need to open an account with an online broker like 24option in order to use one of its trading platforms.

While CFDs give economic results in proportion to the change in the price of futures that occurs in the market, with binary options instead you can profit by predicting the right direction (up or down) of the price of the index within a predetermined time frame.


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