The Hang Seng Index (HSI) is the stock index of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which comprises the 50 shares issued by the 50 most highly capitalized companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. These represent about half of the capitalization of the Hong Kong stock market which is one of the two special administrative regions of the People’s Republic of China (the other is Macao).

Among the best-known shares of the HSI stock index are China Mobile, Lenovo Group, HSBC Holdings, Bank of China, Tencent Holdings Limited.

To trade on the HSI index, you can trade through Plus500.

Trading on HSI

To trade on the HSI index of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, whether through desktop or mobile, you can use a CFD trading platform, which will refer to HSI futures, with the nearest quarterly maturity. In practice, when trading on indices as in this case, you trade on the underlying futures with the nearest quarterly maturity. For example, if you trade on 5 February, the security you are referring to will be the one that expires on 31 March.

The following is a real-time chart of the HSI index CFDs provided by the broker Plus500. Clicking “full details” will take you to a page where you will find all the details of this particular instrument.

On the same page, clicking “Future-HKE” will take you to the official HKE page.

Knowing what you are trading precisely is important, as is choosing a platform that is easy to use, authorized by Consob and that offers a satisfactory range of tools.

How do I trade on the HSI index?

Our experience, together with our contact with our readers, has helped us to define some solutions for trading on the HSI index. With CFDs, such as those provided for example by the famous broker Plus500, you can get economic results (profits and losses) proportional to the price change of futures that intervenes in the market, with binary options you can make profit by predicting the right direction (high or low) of the quotation of the index within a predetermined deadline.


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