The FTSE MIB is the most important stock index of the Italian Stock Exchange and consists of 40 stocks of Italian and foreign companies with the highest capitalization among those of the markets managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. This index was created by the merger between the Italian and London Stock Exchange, which created the London Stock Exchange Group. The FTSE MIB has been operational since 2009 and includes approximately 80% of the capitalization of the Italian stock market. This means that it actually represents more than 4/5 of the total capital of companies listed in Italy.

The FTSE MIB index can be traded on the Plus500 trading platform.

Trading on the FTSE MIB 40

To trade on the FTSE MIB online, you can use the CFDs of brokers who have this security in stock. When it comes to trading indices, reference is made to quarterly futures, which for the FTSE MIB expire at the end of March, June, September and December.

The security on which you can trade refers precisely to the futures relating to the nearest expiry. So, for example, if you trade on February 1, the securities you are trading on will be FTSE MIB futures maturing on March 31.

Below is a real-time chart of the FTSE MIB Italia 40 CFDs offered by Plus500. As you can see, clicking “full details” will give you the description page of this product.

Then, by clicking “Futures Borsa Italiana” you will get to this page (insert link) where you can get more information about maturities and by clicking the one with the closest expiration, also see the price “below” (at the bottom of the page).

However, these details are not essential for online trading. What matters is having a good platform on which to trade the FTSE MIB 40 index, responsive and reliable.

How do I trade on the FTSE MIB?

To start making profits from the FTSE MIB’s upward or downward forecasts, you need to access a trading platform.

You can trade on FTSE MIB with two great brokers like Plus500 and 24option

With CFD brokers, you aim to make profits based on the price change that occurs in the market. With binary options, you profit by predicting only the direction (high or low) of the index over a given time period.


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