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We’ve created a free Forex course which can be referenced online on our website. It is designed not only for our loyal readers but also for new readers who want to deepen their knowledge of trading on the currency market: the Foreign Exchange Market.

Put theory into practice with the free plus500 platform

In this course, we’ll start with the basics. This is suitable for beginners who don’t know a lot about finance but want to learn. The lessons immediately become interesting and you immediately get to practice, with hints to the graphical functions available on the trading platforms. This makes it engaging even for those who are no longer beginners but haven’t yet studied certain topics, such as interpretation indicators, which allow you to obtain input and output signals within a contract.

Regarding Forex, we have compiled two separate courses: one that’s short but very effective, and the other a longer and more structured version.

If you’d like to see all the info gathered on one page, consult our definitive Forex guide.

The course, which is continuously updated, is structured as follows:

  • An introduction entitled Great Reasons to Trade Forex, in which we explain the advantages of operating on this particular market compared to others.
  • Lessons on technical aspects, both basic and advanced: terminology, exchange rates, platforms, orders, stop loss, brokers, pips, overnight, and more.
  • Lessons on theoretical aspects: indicators, strategies applied to indicators, statistics, tools.
  • Lessons on practical aspects: how to apply the indicators and analyse graphs

Ready to provide you with updates on promotions, features and Forex strategies

The tools offered by brokers often offer new features and we are always ready to alert registered users of the arrival of new Forex indicators, new promotional offers, and new offerings. In addition, we’ll keep you updated on new strategies used by traders all over the world. We evaluate these strategies in such a way as to present only those strategies that deserve your personal evaluation.

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If you want to receive all the latest news (news concerning the platforms, promotions and strategies) add our site to your favourites, perhaps in a special category, such as “Trading News”. This way you’ll always have easy access to our site and news about Forex and other financial markets.

How to start Forex trading

Given the above, we invite you to start trading on Forex. To start, download the Forex simulator demo offered by Plus500 for free and then practice what is explained in the course as you go along. In doing so, your experience will definitely be more satisfying and exciting. We remind you that the course is always being updated and therefore we publish new lessons periodically. You’ll have access to all the lessons, on Forex, from the first to the last.