The ProShares Ultra Silver ETF (AGQ) fund aims to provide its subscribers with investment returns that correspond to double (200%) the performance of the price of silver decided by the London Fixing as expressed in U.S. dollars. To achieve this objective, the fund will not hold directly or physically silver but will track the exposure to silver through the use of financial instruments, the value of which is based on the price of the underlying (silver). The reference price of silver will be the US dollar price of the silver bars, as measured by the London Fixing, considering the troy ounce (OZT) of unallocated silver bars for delivery to London through a member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), which is authorized to make such delivery. The fund’s investment advisor is ProShare Advisors LLC.

To do short-term investment in the ProShares Ultra Silver ETF, you can use the Plus500 platform.


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