Forex Brokers

By Forex broker we also mean companies that specialize in Forex trading. These, in fact, provide their customers with the financial instruments necessary to operate on financial markets from home. The same companies are also available on trading platforms.

On this page you’ll find all information regarding Forex brokers among the most reliable forex brokers to whom you can subscribe right away and operate with free demos and without making any deposit.

Reliable Forex brokers

Below we’ll provide a list of reliable forex brokers that you can personally evaluate based on their most important characteristics. Among the items in this table you’ll find some aspects that could be of interest to you. Keep in mind that for each of these brokers we have written complete guides that you can consult for free on our website. For example, you can consult the guide to learn how to use its platform by following our step by step practical guide.

Best Forex brokers for 2019

The title of Best Forex Broker 2018 could be awarded to two brokers in the table, while for 2019, considering the current situation, the prize could be divided between 24option and, two brokers that offer the option of operating with MetaTrader, the most used professional trading platform in the world. Although both allow you to use your own webtrader, an excellent choice for beginners, the MetaTrader platform allows even the most demanding customers to operate in a complete and absolutely professional trading space. Perhaps you are interested in finding out how to use MetaTrader with (with a free demo without a deposit).

Below we’ve list some eligible brokers for the title of best forex broker 2019 award, which you can personally evaluate and subsequently draw your own conclusions. We have also spoken about these brokers in our videos, featured on our YouTube channel, Giocareinborsa.

  • (visit their official page here) is a forex CFD broker that surprises with its webtrader platform which includes all the tools necessary to trade Forex properly. In fact, you’ll find an economic calendar, useful for obtaining very important macroeconomic data for the fundamental analysis of prices. Add to this a set of very valuable technical analysis tools that allow you to apply numerous indicators, freehand lines, retracements, and much more to real-time charts. A complete platform, to which is added the option of trading with MetaTrader, the most famous and used trading software in the world, with which it is also possible to access numerous expert advisors available on the same network as the platform. We have produced a trading guide for and a video tutorial on
  • 24option (visit there official page here) has been a well-known broker in the online trading industry for several years and it’s no coincidence that it is an official partner of Juventus FC. Today 24option offers CFDs and Forex and therefore no longer just binary options. The 24option Forex platform is very simple to use and we explain it in our trading guide for 24option, as well as in our video tutorial on 24option.
  • Plus500 (visit their official page here) is one of the best known names in Forex trading. This company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and therefore represents one of the strongest brands currently on the market. I has been operating for about 10 years in Italy and is present in most of the world. It is characterized by a very simple and user friendly platform, which we talked about both in our Plus500 guide and in our Plus500 video tutorial.
  • IQ Option (visit their official page here) started as a binary options Forex broker but at some point also started offering CFDs. Binary options, however, are still offered on their platform for professional customers. IQ Option’s trading platform is definitely one of the more aesthetically pleasing platforms out there and their options of negotiable instruments is impressive (in the last 2 years they have offered various types of innovative products such as forex options), so if you have never tried it, we recommend you do, even simply with their free no deposit demo. We also have a course for IQ Option and an IQ Option video tutorial.

What Are Forex Brokers?

After seeing which are the best current forex brokers, let’s take a step back and further detail what Forex brokers are.

In general technical language, brokers are specialized operators that operate in financial markets.

Forex brokers specialize in the currency market, or the Forex.

When it comes to online brokers, generally speaking, Forex brokers are companies that specialize in providing CFDs on the Forex, or financial instruments that follow the trend of currency pairs and that allow you to trade up or down on their exchange rate.

To sum it all up, a Forex brokers offer CFDs (or in some cases other types of financial instruments, such as binary options) which follow the trend of currency pairs. For example, a CFD that follows the Euro/Dollar exchange rate allows you to trade up or down on its market trend.

Forex brokers usually offer the option of trading on all major currency pairs, in addition to secondary ones and also on cryptocurrencies (although these are not to be considered part of the Forex).

For those who are not very experienced in trading, we recommend reading our online trading article, 5 steps to get started right away and properly.

Microlot Forex brokers

One aspect of great interest to those looking for a Forex broker is microlot. “Lot” means a minimum amount of currency on which to trade. The option of negotiating on microlots, therefore, consists in the option of negotiating on small fractions of the lots, thus using much smaller amounts of capital.

For example, consider the option of trading on the euro dollar exchange rate. A broker that offers the option of trading on microlots allows you to negotiate on fractions of single lots, thus offering the option of operating with a very small amount of capital.

Australian Forex Brokers

In recent months, searches for information regarding Australian Forex brokers, or broker companies based in Australia, have multiplied. Why is this?

Apparently, ESMA regulations have significantly lowered the amount of leverage for retail customers (i.e. a sort of “base customers”), to a maximum of 1:30, thus causing growing interest in non-ESMA brokers, i.e. not subject to European regulations.

Before proceeding, however, we’d like to remind you that you can still operate without leverage limits in Italy, by asking your broker to open a “professional account”. Obviously, you’ll need to be more prepared than a basic user and know all the principles that govern CFD operations, as well as financial markets. If you have a clear idea of ​​how CFDs work and you also know how financial markets work (causes of price changes, etc.), you can ask your broker for information on a professional account.

Now, back to Australian forex brokers who are gaining popularity mainly due to the fact that they allow you to operate with deactivated financial products within the EU (binary options), but also with high financial levers (which we have seen can also be accessed in Italy by switching to a professional account).

Best Forex broker forum

Forums are still among the best sources for information and in-depth analysis on specific topics. When you want to ask something specific about a certain topic, perhaps a niche one, forums are always very useful.

For this very reason, Forex forums are also important, as they connect traders with each other, and can share their experiences and even details on their trading.

In fact, on all forums there are many topics dedicated to single instruments, to single currency pairs, which are discussed daily. For example, on Forex forums you’ll find topics regarding the EUR/USD with users’ daily comments, which generally also include technical “upstream” analysis.

Forex forums are made up of people and therefore, as you know, people tend to agree or disagree. Our advice is to treasure  predictions opposed to yours, basing comparison on technical and fundamental analysis, with pure “scientific” spirit (even if it is not really science) and with a constructive outlook.

On Forex Forums you can make good friends, because every day those who negotiate are ready to share their trades and opinions with others. The beauty is that you can also get great trading tips without affecting the results or profits of others. In short, in Forex trading that unpleasant aspect of “if I reveal something to you then you earn and I don’t” doesn’t exist. In short, in Forex forums there is room for everyone to profit. The important thing is to choose your reference experts well.

MT4 Brokers

We’ve already mentioned that some brokers offer the option of operating with different trading platforms. In fact, in addition to the “classic” platform offered to all types of clients and traders, some brokers offer their most demanding customers the choice of trading with MetaTrader 4, often abbreviated as MT4 mode.

MT4 brokers operating and legal include 24option. 24option allows you to trade with MetaTrader (MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5).

MetaTrader 4 is however a much more difficult platform to use than the webtraders offered “by default”, since it has many more technical features that are much more appreciable (and more easily usable) for those who already have some experience in trading and using tools for technical analysis.